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The Name Is Smith, Rocksmith

Cover of The Animals

Just when Guitar Hero is on its last legs, Ubisoft step in to take it’s place, but the difference with Rocksmith is that you use a real guitar to play, as long as you have a full set of strings, so when you think about it that way, it could work out fairly expensive if you need to keep replaceing strings.

“Rocksmith is the most authentic and addictive music game ever created,” said Geoffroy Sardin, HQ Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Ubisoft EMEA. “Whether a beginner or a seasoned guitarist, players can progress at their own speed and walk away from the game with the ability to play songs by memory. Rocksmith is the only video game that gets players stage-ready.”

The blurb:
Featuring gameplay that automatically adjusts to the player’s skill level and innovative game design that makes reading music visually fun and intuitive, Rocksmith engages experienced musicians and those who are picking up a guitar for the first time. The game includes a sizeable library of music from classic rock bands to current artists, such as The Animals, The Black Keys, David Bowie, Interpol, Nirvana, and The Rolling Stones.
Could this actually be what people have mentioned in the past? The game that teaches kids how to play a proper instrument? It’s possible I suppose, only time will tell, so for now, see and for further details.