Tilt to Live Has Frosty Update

The accelerometer on mobile phones is a thing of glory, it enables the phone to be used as a tilting device for apps and games, spirit level apps are a good example or ‘Teeter’ that comes on some HTC phones is a game that demonstrates it well.
Tilt to Live is one of those games that rely on the accelerometer and has recently received a ‘Frostbite’ update which is available for free on the App Store, another feature in the update includes seven new award challenges of which awards and leaderboards are provided by the AGON Social Platform for iPhone games.

Update info:
In Frostbite mode, a blizzard of frozen enemies falls from the top of the play area toward a steaming hot spring below. The player is tasked with shattering through waves of these frozen dots before they can reach the hot spring and be reanimated. As you shatter enemies, earning score multipliers for killing the larger formations, the meter at the bottom of your screen steadily fills. A full meter is a happy meter, which spawns a Burnicade pickup to reward your hard work. You are given but one bubble shield to increase your shattering efficiency, so defend it well!

All you want and need to know can be found at www.onemanleft.com.