Parasites Land on PSN

Parasite Eve (video game)
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Square Enix has brought back an old PlayStation classic and released it on the PlayStation Network, Parasite Eve is just the first of the series to be released with Parasite Eve II to come some time later.
Originally released for the PlayStation in September 1998,  PARASITE EVE is a survival–horror RPG that introduced players to the  FINAL FANTASY series based Active Time Battle system. In Aya’s battles, a dome appears, symbolizing the range of the weapon.

The story unfolds as New York City rookie police detective Aya Brea discovers the existence of an aggressive mitochondria –– a being called “EVE” –– that has awakened in present–day New York to put an end to the symbiotic relationship between mitochondria and humans that has spanned hundreds of thousands of years. Struggling with something mysterious hidden within herself, Aya sets out to investigate and stop EVE’s wicked agenda.
On March 29, 2011, a new title The 3rd Birthday featuring Aya Brea is to be released for the PSP.

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