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Go Home to Aurora

nDreams has launched an online universe for those of you that still bother with PlayStation Home, which is a mysterious archipelago of floating islands full of challenges, games and discovery and is completely free.

For aeons, man has looked to that mysterious archipelago in the sky and dreamed of reaching its airy shores. Today history is made – the floating islands of Aurora have finally been landed and we may all now travel to witness its wonders and mysteries ourselves.

nDreams, the company behind the first virtual world ARG, ‘Xi’, are one of the leading developers and publishers on PlayStation Home and have released a wide variety of items, games and spaces globally. nDreams believes that PlayStation Home is quickly growing as a social gaming environment with the capacity for high quality multiplayer game-play, true exploration and intriguing real time narratives.

People of Aurora – hunt the strange orbs that keep these isles afloat… use the cannon on your personal island to defend Aurora from her enemies. Gain virtual rewards and be assured, the Aurora boffins are working on a much bigger defence system that will meet fire with fire.
Watch this space!

These are only the first steps for Aurora. There is a lot more to come with the addition of new features, characters, narrative and more great games – check out the HD trailer on the nDreamers YouTube channel ( for a first look. nDreams invites both PlayStation Home regulars and other PS3 computer entertainment system owners to come into PlayStation Home and check out Aurora as it evolves.

With the discovery of Aurora’s tantalizing technology and miasmas, conquest asked more questions than it answered. What little we do know is in itself a curio… how Aurora was first discovered by a flying corpse, how a wallaby – not a sheep as is generally believed – was first to place foot onto Aurora’s pasture and might Galileo himself have tracked Aurora via his perspicillum nearly 400 years ago?