Never Mind Batman, Gladiator Begins

PQube, when I first read that, I thought it said Pube… anyhoo, PQube and Zen United have announced that Gladiator Begins is coming to the PSP in May from Japanese developers, Acquire.

Gladiator BeginsIf you’ve ever played any of the Tenchu and Way of the Samurai series, you’ll have a good idea of how this game will turn out, if not, then expect it to contain bloody, brain-smashing violence of Gladiatorial combat with deep customisation options that can mean life or death in the arena.
Gladiator Begins will deliver;

  • Ultra-violent Gladiatorial combat – but with a deep underbelly of RPG elements and customisation.
  • Take your Gladiator from humble slave to skilled Gladiator by battling for gold and skill points to develop your character’s abilities.
  • Choose your own fighting style and exploit an innovative fighting system that allows you to target individual body or armour parts and disarm opponents.
  • As your fame rises, different characters open up different story paths for an engrossing story with added replayability.

There will also be some free DLC on the PSN that includes new weapons, armour and characters.

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