Red River Images Emerge from Cover

For those of you drooling over Operation Flashpoint: Red River, some screenshots were released and so are here to feast your eyeballs upon. There’s also a fact sheet which will start right after ….. THIS!
The brutal new chapter in the world-renowned, multi-million selling franchise, Operation Flashpoint™ Red River takes the tactical military shooter to new levels of intense authenticity. On a deadly new battlefield where one bullet can kill, Operation Flashpoint™ Red River takes gamers closer to the experience of the US Marine Corps on campaign than ever before.

Operation Flashpoint Red River delivers a personal experience of infantry Marines on mission in a hostile country, thousands of miles from home. Dispensing with corny heroics, corridor gun-play and unrealistic set pieces, players deploy real life tactics in a range of new scenarios and against new enemies. The tension, brutality and carnage of modern warfare is intense as players feel the rush of adrenaline that comes when it’s time for Marines to ‘get some’.
Players embark on a full expeditionary campaign set in the remote and beautiful country of Tajikistan, bordered by China and Afghanistan. A fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes unfold over three distinct acts, presenting unique challenges which can be experienced in both single player and co-operatively by up to four players online. Empowered with the real life freedom of fireteams to take on objectives on their own initiative, players must think on their feet and act decisively as they take on determined, adaptive and reactive enemies. From the unpredictable chaos of close-quarters insurgency warfare to holding defensive positions against the full might of the Chinese PLA, players tackle the wide-ranging threats Marines face, with the assets of one of the world’s leading superpowers at their disposal.

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It’s as close to war as players will ever want to get.
The ultimate tactical infantry shooter. Featuring authentic USMC tactics, weaponry and state-of-the-art equipment and played out through documentary-style cameras, gamers are immersed in the life of a US Marine Infantry trooper to a level never before seen on consoles. Operation Flashpoint Red River builds on the successes of Operation Flashpoint™ Dragon Rising with many refinements, including:

  • An engrossing, narrative-led campaign
  • Wider variety of combat situations, including close-quarters combat, counter-insurgency warfare, convoy defence, and counter-attack.
  • Player weapon load-out choice
  • Class based gameplay for extended replayability
  • Distinct weapon handling characteristics
  • Refined squad AI
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • A streamlined inventory and control system


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Stand Together Take to the online battlefield with your brothers-in-arms in the persistent, four-player, drop-in drop-out co-operative campaign, plus additional Fire Team Episodes. A brand new XP ranking system allows players to upgrade weapons and equipment as they level up with each class, adding further tactical options.
A deadly new flashpoint on a brutal new battlefield Set amongst the towns, valleys and hills of Tajikistan, Red River’s campaign mode is an epic three-act story of a USMC fighting force pitched against guerrilla insurgency and the might of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. With vast open environments, varied terrain and dense urban areas for unique tactical challenges, Red River refines the Flashpoint formula into the most intense modern infantry experience.
Build the perfect fireteam In addition to the fireteam leader role, players can select from one of four classes of soldier – Grenadier, Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman and Scout – each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can pick their favourite class and become a specialist as they progress through the game, earning and spending XP on upgrades and working together with their friends to create a fearsome fighting force. Extending replayability, players can choose to play the game as different characters with multiple load-outs to experience war from the different perspectives of each of the fireteam’s specialists.

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A personal vision of war Players experience war from the perspective of real-life Marines with authentic battleground chatter, equipment and objectives. The series’ fastidious attention to authenticity remains intact and is made even more believable by visible ‘distressing’ and customisation of weapons and equipment to reflect sustained deployment in a combat zone. Soldiers will add taped labels to their equipment, wear their own shades, and improvise dust covers on their necks and shoulders. Weapons will be scratched, dirty and will sport customisations and modifications to suit the role of the soldier. Vehicles will have taped up cracks in their windows, welded patches in their armour and peeling paint as a result of attrition in the harsh conditions. These effects reflect the reality of Marines on campaign like never before.
Bring out the booms! Red River introduces a whole new level of combat support available to the player. Gamers will be able to call on combat support much more frequently than in Dragon Rising but will require greater skill and tactical proficiency to maximise its effectiveness. Enemies are also equipped with similar offensive airborne threats meaning danger is always close.
War for all To cater for a wide range of players, optional assists deliver a far more approachable game for FPS novices whilst maintaining a true challenge for veterans of the series. Tutorials woven seamlessly into the narrative, on screen radar, improved HUD and auto-aiming (including strafe, sticky and snap-to-aim) all combine to ease players into the world of Flashpoint where one shot can kill. Optional levels let players customise their experience, whilst hardcore mode strips away all aids for the ultimate tactical warfare challenge. A streamlined control system, including one button accessibility for all actions, let players act quickly and decisively on the battlefield.
Smarter Friendlies, Deadlier Foes Red River’s AI system has been completely overhauled to deliver an even more authentic experience. Friendlies and team members reflect the comprehensive training of the US Marines Copes, including increased autonomy, enhanced path finding and superior line of fire avoidance. Soldiers will also move rapidly from cover to cover and a refined morale and suppression system are just some of the myriad improvements to the game’s AI.
Welcome to the Gun Show Codemasters has taken a new approach to the design and performance of each gun to reflect the relationship between Marines and their weapons. In addition to a stunning visual makeover, each gun is designed to express its own personality through its handling as it dishes out authentic, bone-jarring damage. Engineered with new audio, fire, gun climb and recoil animations no two guns will ever feel the same.

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