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DodoGo! Robo

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the pleasure of playing something completely new, now, DodoGo! Robo is the third title in the series and the aim of the game is to guide a crash test egg from point A to point B without breaking it and although it has some similarities to other puzzle games, it gives a nice little twist to the genre.

You get a nice little intro to each level that acts as a tutorial, showing what is required to make it to the end and it’s as simple as placing boards to either bounce across, up, block to make the robo-egg change direction or soften a fall. The boards disintegrate once touched, which is why you can place them over gaps to get to somewhere, use another to block and go back to drop down the now open gap, but if the drop is too deep, another board can be placed to soften the blow.
It might sound a bit confusing, but that’s pretty much one way of getting from start to finish, other ways include digging, sawing, scraping and cutting. Springs are also an essential way of reaching certain parts and can be adjusted to go higher or further, depending on where they need to be placed in order to collect the tokens which are needed to access later levels. Levels that feature new tools or equipment tend to be easy the first time, just to get you used to what you need to do, then they get trickier and more complex with a little more thought needed to solve the puzzle.
You may be thinking, “But I’m hopeless at these physics puzzle obstacle type game!” and I usually am too, DodoGo! Robo is nice and easy to get into and yeah, there are some head-scratching moments where you will run out of things to use before collecting all the tokens, but the ability to set up the course before you run it helps you go back and check it over and over. Don’t worry if you fail, there are no lives to lose or time limits, just try again until you succeed and remember to not fall for any tricks that are there to deceive you.
It’s a clever little puzzler that was a whole new experience for me, if, like me, you had or have doubts about whether games on DSiWare are worth it or not, this is one to take a chance on. 200 DSi Points equals around £1.80, that isn’t a lot for a game that has great gameplay, nice graphics and animation and decent sound that doesn’t get annoying, which can be the case with games like this.
It’s obviously not in the same league as a ‘proper’ retail title, it’s something that will keep you occupied for quite some time, on the way to school/work and on long journeys. Therefore, I’d recommend DodoGo! Robo if you’re into mind-taxing puzzles or want to try something a little different to work on your logic skills!