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Get Rabbid on Just Dance 2

Rabbids cosplay at Otakon, photographed by Sun...
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Ubisoft has announced a new downloadable track for their top seller, Just Dance 2 and this time, it brings Rabbids into the mix as part of a 5 year anniversary of the Rabbids existance.
If you download it between now and April 30th, you will save 300 Wii Points due to it being absolutely free, but for anyone that wants to get it later will have to pay, so, what is the tune you ask….?!

Anyone remember Ini Kamoze? Yeah, not exactly something that springs to mind until you mention the song, Here Comes the Hotstepper…. THERE you go, so yeah, download it now to save wasting points on it later.
Go all bwaaaaaaaaahhh! over at for more info.