The Sims 3 Parodies Royal Wedding

You knew they were going to do it, as much as I wish good luck to Wills and Kate, I don’t really care for the Royal Wedding and whatever little Johnny and his grandma are doing, so why am I posting this you may ask, mostly because I’m a Sims geek and the fact it shows some of the stuff that should be available in The Sims 3: Generations.


Sims3GenWedding01.jpg Sims3GenWedding02.jpg Sims3GenWedding03.jpg Sims3GenWedding04.jpg Sims3GenWedding05.jpg Sims3GenWedding06.jpg Sims3GenWedding07.jpg

Those are some shots taken from the video of which you can watch here…

Still sick of hearing about the wedding? Thought so đŸ˜‰