The Sims 3 Parodies Royal Wedding

You knew they were going to do it, as much as I wish good luck to Wills and Kate, I don’t really care for the Royal Wedding and whatever little Johnny and his grandma are doing, so why am I posting this you may ask, mostly because I’m a Sims geek and the fact it shows some of the stuff that should be available in The Sims 3: Generations.


Sims3GenWedding01.jpg Sims3GenWedding02.jpg Sims3GenWedding03.jpg Sims3GenWedding04.jpg Sims3GenWedding05.jpg Sims3GenWedding06.jpg Sims3GenWedding07.jpg

Those are some shots taken from the video of which you can watch here…

Still sick of hearing about the wedding? Thought so 😉

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