Hail To the Portrait, Baby

This post will (fortunately) be the only thing referenced to the Royal Wedding, well, I personally wouldn’t have made any reference to it due to having zero interest in the whole affair, but the information I got this from did and that’s the only time it will occur.
Untitled: I’m So Awesome, I Don’t Even Need To Name It is the erm, title of the ‘painting’ which was created by Frank Frid over the course of a single 350 hour sitting of which Mr Nukem said, “As usual, I look awesome” when viewing the final masterpiece.

The portrait will be unveiled to the public prior to the Royal Wedding before moving to a more permanent exhibition space as part of the Duke Nukem Forever launch celebrations. 2K Games is also creating a limited run of 200 signed prints that will be partly used to raise money for charity.
“I’m clearly the Royal story everyone should be talking about this week.” Duke went on to say, then left to get back to www.dukenukemforever.com until he finally gets unleashed onto unsuspecting public on June 10th.