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Toki Tori Goes Mobile

It was as low as something silly like 67p (£0.67 GBP/about $1) on Steam not so long ago, but that meant you could only play it on your home computer (or even a laptop, it’s not that graphically intensive).
Now, Polarbit and Two Tribes have announced the release of Toki Tori on the Android Market for those of you that like gaming on the move, but don’t have the likes of a DS or PSP to lug around.

Toki Tori is a mind-bending, brain-teasing puzzle platformer starring the world’s cutest chicken. Toki Tori’s charming visuals, quirky puzzles, pick-up-and-play game mechanics and 80 tricky levels make it a perfect Easter treat for the entire family to enjoy.
If you don’t have your phone handy right now, take a look on the Android Market where you can buy it for £1.79/$2.99.