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To save a bit of time and give you the info straight from the source, I’ll just post the press release as there isn’t a lot of other info to add, except that you can expect it to come on three discs for the Xbox 360 and since the PlayStation 3 uses blu-ray discs, it will apparently fit on just one of those.

Presenting the L. A. Noire features, both in-game and on the web, created especially for members of the Rockstar Games Social Club.

  • Gain access to the unlockable Chicago Lightning Detective Suit – a stylish, exclusive outfit that enhances Cole Phelps’ accuracy when using a shotgun or machine gun.
  • Access the Social Club “Ask the Community” feature to consult the community for aid in finding the truth when
    interrogating a suspect.
  • Plus a wealth of robust game progress stat tracking and friend comparison features that members have come to expect, including enhanced versions of the checklists that everyone loved with Red Dead Redemption.

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The L.A. Noire Social Club isn’t available yet, at time of posting.

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