Teens Prank Generations of Sims

Sorry this is a bit old, last Friday was quite busy in Real-Life™, so news had to be put on the backburner a while, which is why the fact sheet, A.K.A. ‘feature set’ and a few screens of the latest Sims 3 Generations can be posted!
The Teenage experience in The Sims 3 Generations focuses on the moody, rebellious time of a Sim’s life before they grow into a Young Adult. Here is a quick look at some of the brand new features and content that will take your Sims on the epic mood swing that is Teenage life!


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Pranks and Booby Traps

  • Pranks and Booby Traps are a great way for Sims to express their Teen angst!
    • Teenage Sims can Booby Trap various objects throughout their household, and then sit back and wait for an innocent friend or family member to fall for their devious trap. Household objects that can be Booby Trapped include showers, toilets, sinks, computers, and sofas. Teens can even make Prank Calls!
    • You can also use the “Set Booby Trap for…” interaction to set a trap a for a specific Sim on the lot, and then call them over and convince them to use it!
    • In addition to Booby Traps, Pranks can be played around town on unsuspecting neighbors and other members of your Sim’s community. To play a Prank, find a neighbor who is home and click on their house. Once clicked, your Teenager will be given the option to play a bunch of different pranks that include Door Bell Ditching, Planting a Flaming Bag, or even Egging the Front Door!
    • Have you ever wanted to make another Sim nauseous or even throw up? Teenagers who become proficient with the brand new Chemistry Set can even discover the Stink Juice potion, which can be set off at homes or out around town!
    • When a Booby Trap or Prank is successfully pulled off, your Sim will receive the Successful Prank moodlet. Teenagers who set off a certain number of successful pranks without being caught can even receive the powerful Uber Prankster moodlet!
    • Depending on the personality of the pranked Sim, they may find your Sim’s hi-jinks hilarious and receive a positive Pranked moodlet. Or, if they’re more of a cranky Sim, they may receive a negative Pranked moodlet.
    • Look out though, playing Pranks and setting Booby Traps isn’t all fun and games; Sims can be caught by Adults, the Police, or even tattled on by another Teen or Child, which will result in Punishment!


  • Rather than just being Scolded, Teens can now be punished in a variety of new ways!
    • Depending on the seriousness of a Sim’s offense (caught pranking, fighting with a sibling, out after curfew, etc), as well as any other trouble they may have been in, your Teen may be put on a Time Out, restricted from using their favorite household objects, or even be Grounded!
    • When put on a Time Out, your Sim will receive the negative Got Put on Time Out moodlet, and be forced to stand in the corner and think about what they’ve done. If you cancel the interaction and your Sim is caught, they’ll get in even more trouble!
    • If your Teen has been restricted from using one of their favorite objects (like the Computer or Video Game System), your Sim will have the ability to try and Sneak in some time with it. However, if an adult finds you using the object, more Punishment will head your Sim’s way!
    • Adults will reserve Grounding their children for the worst offenses, or for Sims who just can’t keep out of trouble (being brought home by the Police is a sure way to get grounded). When grounded, a Teen will receive the negative Grounded moodlet for an amount of time consistent with how much trouble they’ve gotten into.
    • Sneaking off your Home Lot while Grounded is possible for the most daring of Sims, and if successful they’ll receive the Snuck Out! moodlet. If unsuccessful, their grounding will be extended!
    • If your Teen has been punished, they can Beg For Forgiveness from and Adult in an attempt to remove their punishment. Doing chores around the house like cooking and cleaning will improve your Sim’s chances for forgiveness!

Rebellious Trait

  • Sims can now be assigned the brand new Rebellious Trait!
    • A Teen with this trait will have a reduced chance of being caught while doing Pranks and setting Booby Traps, as well as having reduced chances for being caught while violating Curfew!
    • Rebellious Teenagers will also receive the Fight The Power moodlet when performing deviant activities like getting a tattoo, copying someone’s homework, or even smashing a dollhouse!

Mood Swings

  • Sims will sometimes experience personality changing Mood Swings during their Teenage Years!
    • After waking up in the morning, you may be alerted that one of your Teenage Sims is experiencing a Mood Swing! If so, your Sim will receive the Having a Mood Swing moodlet.
    • Throughout the day, your Sim will receive wishes to do deviant or rebellious activities like snubbing certain Sims or skipping school, and will certainly not act very nice to other Sims around them!

Teen Parties

  • Teenage Sims can throw raging house parties while the Adults are away!
    • Throughout the course of a Sim’s teenage years, the adults on his or her home lot may get the chance to go away on a free, adults-only, vacation. If accepted, the Teen will be left alone to “take care” of the house while the adults are away…
    • Once the adults have left, Teenagers can use the phone to invite their other teenaged friends over for a house party!
    • Make sure the party doesn’t get too crazy though, as the neighbors may call the police if they find out a party is going on! Your Sim can then use the Break Up Party interaction to try to clear the house before the police show up!

After School Activities and School Dances

  • Teenagers can now sign up for after school clubs, classes, and even attend school dances like Prom!
    • Teens can sign up for after school clubs and classes like Sports Club or Music Club. Once signed up, Teens will learn and increase the associated skill when attending the club after school!
    • School Dances will often be scheduled throughout a Teenager’s time in High School! Once scheduled, your Sim will need to find a date to take!
    • While at the dance, your Sim might become the Prom King/Queen, have their first kiss, or even decide to go steady with their date!

All you have to do now is wait until the end of the month for it to be released!