Beware of Imposters in Gotham City

Warner Bros. are going to release a version of a sort of Arkham City prelude onto the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC (probably via Steam) that is just meant to be a fun, over-the-top first person shooter which to be honest, sounds very similar to what the guys behind Bulletstorm did with their Call of Duty style parody.
Gotham City Imposters will be an original download-only first-person shooter that will require players to battle it out and try and take control of Gotham City which is being terrorized by imposters trying to be their favourite villian or superhero.


“Gotham City Impostors blows apart expectations for superhero games with an exaggerated take on first person shooters, set in a part of the DC Universe players have never seen before,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Monolith is creating a game that turns Gotham City upside down and we think fans are going to have a blast with this creative twist on multiplayer heroism and anti-heroism as they play up the classic rivalry between Batman and The Joker.”

Think of City of Heroes/Villians, but on a smaller scale as players create amateur vigilantes or villains with customisation options including insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons and then fighting it out with other players online.
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