Pre-Order Battlefield 3 LE, Get Physical

Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? That’s a question only sales will answer, on one hand you have the Battlefield fanboys, Modern Warfare on the other and some aren’t bothered, so lie somewhere in between.

For all you Battlefield fans though, GAME and Gamestation are providing an exclusive Limited Edition ‘Physical Warfare Pack’ which includes bonus content like weapons and even Battlefield 2 multiplayer maps.
The blurb:
Claim battlefield superiority this Autumn! The Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack is now available for pre-order exclusively at GAME and gamestation in the UK. Players can storm the battlefield armed with powerful weapons and items only available in the Physical Warfare Pack including the Type 88 light machine gun with bipod for superior firepower and total zone control, the SKS sniper rifle flash suppressor that provides increased stealth abilities for Recon soldiers, and the lethal armor-piercing fléchette ammo for the DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun that is sure to tear through anything in its path. Also included is day one access to the highly versatile DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun itself.
In addition to the launch day exclusive weapons, the Physical Warfare Pack also includes the Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand digital expansion pack. Players can wage all-out war on four of the most celebrated maps from Battlefield 2, including Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman and the Sharqi Peninsula, all stunningly re-created using the power of Frostbite 2. DICE’s state of the art game engine serves as the power center for Battlefield 3 to deliver superior performance in character animation, visual rendering, audio and physical destruction unlike anything ever seen before.
All of this amazing content is available at no extra charge to gamers who pre-order the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack exclusively at and Gamestation.

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