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Grow Goes Free on Android

One of the reasons I prefer Android over other systems is that, although mostly ad-supported, there are a lot of free apps and games available and now Epic Pixel have decided to release a free version of Grow.
“With the Android market ever increasing with iOS ports, we wanted to release a free version of Grow for everyone to enjoy and experience what an original Android game had to offer,” said Chris Sha, co-founder of Epic Pixel.

Grow is one of those casual games you can sit down and spend a while playing before realising half an hour has gone by, so what exactly is Grow and how does it work?

The free version gives you a taster of ten levels and two habitats to go on a feeding frenzy through as you start out as a baby fish and eat your way up to the top of the fish food chain and if you want more, the full version is only £1.23.
Free Version
Full Version