Gaming for Charridy, Mate

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Although MG is predominantly a UK website, when it comes to charity events, then  it doesn’t matter where it is in the world and this news is about Gamers for Giving 2011 that is to take place for the fourth year at Eastern Michigan University Student Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

“We’re really excited to be gearing up for our fourth-annual fundraising event,”

says Zach Wigal, Founder, Gamers Outreach.

“Gamers for Giving combines passion for video games with charitable action. It gives people an opportunity to play video games, have fun and make a difference all at the same time.”

Event info:
Hosted by video game industry charity organization, Gamers Outreach Foundation, Gamers for Giving is a non-profit competitive gaming event that features multiple video game tournaments and special guests from the video game industry. Profits from the event are used to fund the efforts of Gamers Outreach Foundation, which builds portable video game kiosks for children’s hospitals, sends games to U.S. soldiers serving overseas, and hosts online activities benefitting various non-profits.
Headlining activities include 2-v-2 Halo Reach, 4-v-4 Call of Duty Black Ops, 1-v-1 Starcraft 2 tournaments, in addition to an all-out, 100-person “bring your own console” LAN party. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers of each tournament. The event will begin Saturday morning at 10:00 AM, and will last until 10:00 PM.
If you’re in that vicinity of the planet on Saturday, June 18th, sign up at and either take part or just show some support. You can find more info about Gamers Outreach by visiting