Half Price Sushi, Gogo!

Sasazushi, a type of oshizushi
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There has been a major update for Gogo Sushi by Ozgnahc Studios which brings the app up to version 1.7, so here’s all the info and links needed and available.
In Gogo Sushi, the player makes sushi for customers. If the player gives excellent service, you will get special items or fish from a market owner in game. Besides, you have various achievements via game center. They are easy or hard missions.

On Combo System, the player can make over 300 combos if they know sushi, which customer like, on special day. Each customer loves 3 types of sushi. The player can find out it while they are playing.
The game offers decoration system. There are a lot of items for player’s restaurant. It helps the game play. For example, the customer’s waiting time, fish’s flashiness and so on.

The player will ranked on Game Center if they save a lot of money
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New Features

  • New Items
  • Combo System.
  • Special Day every 10 days.
  • Ranking System on Game Center.
  • Various Exciting Achievements on Game Center.
  • Tutorial Mode
  • Support UI for playing with both hands
  • The iPod music player continues to play during the game.

AppStore : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gogo-sushi/id428776219?mt=8
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ozgnahcgames
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ozgnahc