The Redner Group Loses Biggest Client

dnfWhen PR’s Attack! I reckon I’ve been a victim of scoring a game too low to be shunned by a company or two before now, but they’ve done it without saying a thing, not that they need to give you a reason, but at least they didn’t go on a rant and threaten to cut off supplies to people who scored a game too low for reasons they (the PR company) didn’t like.
That’s where The Redner Group or at least, Jim Redner severely lacked the supposed expertise as advertised on the website by having a go at reviewers who scored Duke Nukem Forever lower than he would have liked, probably thinking that he was acting in good faith on behalf of 2K Games, but instead, it backfired and got dumped.

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Nice of the guy to admit that he was acting out his own emotions, but that’s not really the job of a PR, is it? If anyone is going to be disappointed over low review scores, it would be the publishers and more importantly, developers since they’re the ones that have spent all those hard-working hours creating their potential masterpiece.
A tweet that was deleted (which you can find an image of elsewhere on the internet) was of @TheRednerGroup threatening to cut off supplies of review copies of future 2K Games titles and even blacklist ALL outlets due to ‘venomous’ reviews, VERY unprofessional considering their old school approach to public relations.
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Any company worth their salt is going to cut all ties with anyone associated with them acting like an idiot and that’s going to be a big loss to a PR company with so few clients, especially when the client they’re losing is the most important one.
If a game is disappointing and doesn’t live up to expectations, then expect it to do poorly in reviews and in this case, I think it’s safe to say that Duke Nukem Forever is a sufferer of epic fail. While some have been generous and scored it as much as 80 out of 100, the majority of scores are below average and especially the Xbox 360 version which apparently suffers unnecessarily long loading times that, despite the also sporadic difficulty and lack of graphical polish, has given it an average metascore of 54.
There’s a hard lesson been learned and will be hard to crawl back from.