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Gamevil Go Retro on Android

Looking for something to play on your daily commute? Gamevil have released Kami Retro onto the Android Market for free, so you don’t really have an excuse not to try it as it will only cost you some network bandwidth.

“Our growing number of Android GAMEVIL fans have clamored for Kami Retro since the first news of its release and we’re excited to bring it to them for free.” said Kyu Lee, Head of GAMEVIL USA, “Even more players can now enjoy developer Paw Print Games’ unique and engaging title worldwide.”

Some game info:
In Kami Retro, players must guide troops to safety by placing tools like springs, ropes, fans and more, while avoiding traps, man-eating plants and other obstacles. Combining crisp retro-3D visuals and an 8-bit inspired soundtrack with new touch-and-flick based gameplay, Kami Retro’s initial release made a mark on must-have lists of critics and players alike for its fresh spin on platforming and puzzle gaming.
Featuring more than 60 stages across five worlds and multiple costumes, Kami Retro will challenge Android players’ smart thinking and quick fingers in a satisfying and enjoyable experience.
Either search for it on your Android phone or set it up for download from the Android Market online.