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Team Fortress 2 Goes Free-To-Play

Out of all the games you could think of, you wouldn’t have thought a Valve game would become free-to-play, especially when it’s the ever so popular Team Fortress 2, so how does that work then?

Team_Fortress_2_Group_PhotoAs you may already know, when things become free-to-play they have a basic system and a premium system, free tends to be quite restricted with limited resources and access, with premium giving players everything that’s included with the game and that’s just how it works with Team Fortress 2.

Everything is covered or at least, the more frequently asked questions have been answered, so while there will be initial hiccups with an influx of n00bs infiltrating your favourite game, Valve would like to assure you that they will be keeping track of potential griefers and the like.

It’s all covered in the FAQ if you need to have a read through, but for any other questions, ask in the forums (which are suffering a database error at time of posting).

For the game that has a metascore of 92, go download and play the game that’s almost better than Half Life 2 from