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Star Trek Wins 5 E3 Awards

Official Xbox Magazine
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Paramount Digital Entertainment have announced that Star Trek “unanimously won the hearts and praise of critics at 2011’s Electronic Entertainment Exposition” which may be going a little too far, but it managed to bag five awards.

I have to admit to not knowing who or what Electric Playground or The Bit Bag are, but at least some critics are recognizable;
Official Xbox Magazine
“I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.” (Francesca Reyes, OXM Editor-in-Chief, named  Star Trek her favorite E3 game.)
“This game rocks. It’s fast, intense and filled with action. It’s delightfully innovative, full of moments so surprisingly fun and unique that you’ll wonder why no other game ever thought of them.”
“We saw the demo and it was absolutely mind blowing.”
“It’s a very slick piece of work all told, and a pleasant surprise to find it at E3 with no prior announcement… Star Trek is a breathless cinematic action game for two players.”
The game is due to be featured in the next issue of GamePro, with the only viable UK option of being PC Gamer if they ever bother to feature it.