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Bok Choy Boy Takes Over the World

Code-Monkeys, an industry leading game design and game development house, released the first video game that stars the Bok Choy Boys, the popular vending machine toys that are available around the World.
Bok Choy Boys come to life on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Apple Store and for Windows OS netbooks, laptops and desktops from Intel App Up, and will soon make their way to the Android and Apple App Store.

The Bok Choy Boy game features forgotten Little Orphan Susan and her new guardian, Mr. Gabriel, sent to reunite Susan with her family.   However, the rotten Numbskulls are doing everything they can to keep Susan from reuniting with her family by invading her dreams and turning her brain into mush.  In this fast-paced strategy game, you and Susan’s dream guardians, the Bok Choy Boys, must defend against the Numbskulls and reunite Susan with her with her lost family before it’s too late!

Game play features:

  • The original 12 Bok Choy Boys: Fire, Water, Star, Day, Sky, Moon, Love, Luck, Spirit, Peace, Snow and Night
  • Plus, the latest Bok Choy Boy characters are available through purchase, including Danger, Mountain, Nature , Ocean , Prosperity, Thunder, Time, Twilight, Eternity, Balance, Dawn and Spirit
  • 35 action packed levels
  • Beautiful particle effects and rich graphic interface

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