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Go For A Domino Run

Independent game developer Shiny Egg Studios announced that its puzzle game “Domino Run” and the demo version “Domino Run Lite” have been released through Android Market.

Domino EffectLaunched on July 7th, the demo application has already received over 4,000 installs and given an average 4 out of 5 stars by users on Android Market.
Domino Run is a puzzle game where players rearrange dominoes on a series of platforms. The aim is to place the dominoes in the correct order and topple them all to win each level.

“We wanted to make a great game that’s fun to play, easily accessible but still challenging enough to give the brain a bit of exercise at times,” said Steffen Engel, co-founder of Shiny Egg Studios. “Although there are a lot of games available for the Android market, we saw a domino-shaped gap and decided to fill it.”

Vibrant graphics take the player through three stylish worlds, from the Stone Age through the Mayan Jungle to the Pyramids. As the player progresses through the 70 levels, special domino types are introduced and the puzzles become increasingly challenging. Once the player has solved the levels, they can try to beat specific Aim Times and match the minimum moves to be rewarded with a ‘medal’ for that level. The free ‘Lite’ demo version of Domino Run includes a selection of 20 levels from the full version, but contained within a single world.
Domino Run is available for download now from Android Market for devices using version 2.1 or later, while releases for iOS and Windows Phone 7 are expected in the near future. The price of the full version is currently £1.43 (approximately $2.28 or €1.60).