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Spend About 2 Years of Your Life Playing Games

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A recent study conducted by a newly launched video game price comparison and marketplace site, has revealed the extent to which time dedicated to gaming adds up throughout the year; with the research revealing that the average gamer spends 1.8 years in total playing video games.
The study was conducted by as part of research into the gaming habits of people around the UK, with 1, 452 self- confessed gamers aged 18- 40 taking part.

Gamers taking part in the study were asked to estimate, on average, how much time they dedicated to playing video games each week. When taking all answers into account, the average gamer taking part in the study claimed to play video games for 9.2 hours per week.
When putting this in perspective, this would equate to an average of 478 hours a year spent in front of the computer or console; totalling an average of at least 19 full days a year for the average gamer.
Furthermore, gamers taking part in the study were asked to estimate what they believed their hypothetical ‘gaming lifespan’ would be. When asked when they had begun playing on video games,  the average answer from respondents was revealed as ‘9.1 years old.’
Gamers were also asked to estimate what age they believed they would stop playing on video games, if at all. Whilst 12% of respondents believed that they would ‘never’ stop gaming; the majority, 61%, of respondents taking part in the study believed that they would stop gaming between the ages of 40- 45.
Taking into account the average age at which those taking part in the study began gaming, and the maximum age of 45 when the majority believed they would stop; this would equate to 682 days, or 1.8 years, spent playing video games for the average gamers’ ‘gaming lifespan’.
Simon Kilby, founder of, commented on the findings:

“As a site dedicated to gamers, we really wanted to look into how much time people really do spend playing video games- and how this easily adds up throughout the year. Whilst the average gamer spending 9 hours per week playing on the console doesn’t seem like much, 19 days a year certainly does; and 1.8 years in a gaming lifetime is a very long time indeed!”

He continued:

“I expect these times also vary depending on your gaming preferences. I’m sure that dedicated role play gamers will often spend many more hours in front of the console or computer, whilst gamers with a shorter attention span may have their fill with just a few short games per week. It all depends on your preferences!”