FREE! Action-RPG for Your PC!

The Action RPG Rose Child Of The Storm has been released! Play as Rose a powerful child gifted with power over the wind. Storm the castle and battle the The Dark Piper whom has control over the undead and save your imprisoned friend!

  • 1st Person Action RPG
  • Enemies that are capable of mauling you and using magic!
  • Spells

Tornado Blast – Unleashes a tornado that sends enemies flying
Storm Smash – A close range blast of air which can be used to send the player into the air

  • Functioning spell sounds and on hit enemy sounds
  • Experience and level up system
  • Adjustable stat system, you can even control how fast you regenerate your health!
  • Save Games
  • Interactive NPCs
  • Triggers
  • Windows and Linux version available
  • And lots more

For more information and to download the game for free visit