Blast Off With Andromium

With a name that sounds like it should be an element or sci-fi television program, Andromium is an Xbox Live Indie title that has been in development for around the last six months by Red Crest Studios and due for release on August 12th.
It kind of is an element, a dangerous radioactive metal in fact which, explodes when it touches anything for a short period and guess what you have to do… yup, safely deliver the combustible cargo to a research lab several lightyears away.

So, what’s this 80 MS Point gem all about..?
Armed with no weapons, and a limited shield, you must team up with a friend to safely deliver your combustible cargo to a research lab several lightyears away. Not only must you avoid all the dangerous obstacles scattered throughout space, but you must juggle the Andromium between your ship and your partner’s, to ensure the Andromium remains cool and stable. Watch out for space bees, grinding gears, enemy ships, electric orbs, alien tongues, clock pendulums, blue fireballs, balance boards and giant broccoli, but for heaven’s sake don’t lose the Andromium when it reaches your side of the screen!
Oh, and don’t think you can just “learn” a level by playing it repeatedly, as all of Andromium’s levels are procedurally generated! A hectic game design, coupled with an unpredictable set of levels and attack waves, makes for an extremely chaotic and addictive overall experience that is a world apart from your average shooter.
There are several modes to keep you hankering for more. With the regular One Player mode, you control the left ship and the AI controls the right. Avoiding the obstacles is tough enough, but make sure you collect the Andromium whenever it is launched towards you! But if even that isn’t hardcore enough for you, try the outrageously hard One Player “Mastermind” mode, which requires you to control both ships through two different level streams, using one controller! Insanity may ensue, you have been warned and Red Crest Studios absolves itself of any responsibility for your mental condition after playing for too long. Finally, share the fun, by inviting a friend over to play Two Player mode and attempt to co-operatively handle the Andromium in the heat of the moment!
So there you go, sounds pretty good and don’t forget, you can always try the trial before deciding whether it’s worth 69p/€0.96/$1.