Get Worms to Put Balls in the Hole

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Took a little while to think that title up and  still could only muster that up, I blame it being Monday… Team17 seem to manage ok though with an announcement of a new Worms title, but with a whole new twist that you wouldn’t have expected.
Would you have mixed Worms with Crazy Golf? It may have crossed some peoples minds, there may be some kind of bedroom produced version floating around somewhere, the difference with the official version is that it will be released for iOS devices, on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live, as well as everyones favourite digital distributer, Steam.

“Who could have known that two of our favourite things would work so well together?” says Team 17 Head of Design John Dennis, in his finest chequered trousers and snazzy sweater. “While probably not an obvious combination, Worms Crazy Golf is an irreverent mash-up of our own turn-based strategy game “Worms” and everyone’s favourite turn-based game of ‘hitting little balls with sticks’.”


Worms Crazy Golf01.jpg Worms Crazy Golf02.jpg Worms Crazy Golf03.jpg Worms Crazy Golf04.jpg Worms Crazy Golf05.jpg Worms Crazy Golf06.jpg Worms Crazy Golf07.jpg Worms Crazy Golf08.jpg Worms Crazy Golf09.jpg

So, what can you expect from the unsuspected mashup? Not just nine, but fifty four holes of wriggly craziness are playable with the usual features like sheep, an old woman, moles, magnets, mines, increasingly puzzling hole design and an array of obstacles; from castles that teleport your ball, cannons that shoot it across the landscape and even obstructive comedy bats.

“We’ve had a great deal of fun playing the game in multiplayer during development,” Dennis continues, “and with four-player social multiplayer support, it has all the hallmarks of the “Worms” brand: the trash-talking, pressure to make the shot, terribly unhelpful ‘advice’ from opponents, and often hilarious consequences when that risky shot that could have won the game goes terribly wrong. If players get half as much enjoyment out of it as we’ve already had, then we’ll be very, very happy.”

No specific date has been set yet, just sceduled for later this year.

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