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European Nintendo Downloads, August 19th

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Think you’re the toughest guy on the street? Now’s the time to prove it, as 3D Classics Urban Champion is coming this week as a Nintendo 3DS download offering through the Nintendo eShop.
Force your opponents into submission and down open manholes, by blocking, punching and dodging your way through. Watch out for the angry neighbours, however, as they will try and drop flower pots right onto your head. Enjoy this classic game in a new dimension with the 3D Classics range, remastered with immersive 3D visuals.

Check out the latest offerings below which are also available for download this week via Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel.
3D Classics Urban Champion
Nintendo 3DS
Description: Find out if your tough enough to take on the baddest brawlers on the block and enjoy this classic game in a new dimension with the 3D Classics range, re-mastered with immersive 3D visuals. Battle solo against computer controlled foes or face off against a friend via Nintendo 3DS Local Play.
My Asian Farm (BiP media)
Nintendo DSi
200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: At the beginning of My Asian Farm, all you own is an empty field, a few yuans and a single little hen. You need to feed the hen and take care of it for it to grow and lay some eggs. Once your farm starts growing, then you can sell produce and build up your stock of animals and equipment.
Moto eXtreme
Nintendo DSi
800 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Go extreme in this MotoX biking thrill ride. Defy gravity as you grab air off huge jumps and pull off awesome trials-style stunts. Guide your bike to the end of the course, but for maximum points, be sure to collect all the stars on the way. Take your bike over a huge variety of courses over four worlds, including Forests, Deserts, Frost covered mountains and even lava rich Volcanoes.
Flight Control
500 Wii Points
Description: Following its release on Nintendo DSiWare, Flight Control comes to the comfort of your living room. Take on the role of an air traffic controller and guide competing aircraft safely into the airport. Be warned, the planes will be coming thick and fast.