Power the Kinect with Your Console

Now, something I didn’t know due to not owning the Kinect was that the adapter needed for it to work on older Xbox 360s (non-slim consoles) needs a seperate power supply, so what can you do to free up that much needed socket or possibly, don’t have a spare outlet to plug your existing Kinect adapter into?
That’s where GamingZap come in with their announcement of a PowerLess Kinect Adapter which, as the name suggests, doesn’t need an external power supply and so begs the question, how does it work?

PowerLess imageThanks to a solution used with PC’s for products such as speakers, the PowerLess Kinect Adapter uses something called ‘power through’ technology where, you plug the adapter into the power socket of the console and then insert the power cable into the adapter. The adapter then takes power from the mains while the current goes through to also power the console in some kind of space saving magical mystery thingy.
If you have a slim Xbox 360, you need not worry about such trivial matters and spend the £18.95 on something else like a game or beer and food for a movie night in or something, but if you’re one of those that, like me, still have the ‘phat’ Xbox 360, this revolutionary device could improve your life thricefold* and you’ll wonder how your life could have turned out without it!
If you’d like to know more, then visit GamingZap.com which is where you can quite conveniently purchase the product too!
*Only an estimate, your life may or may not improve, Mental Gamers does not guarantee any such claim.

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