Shoot Some Cadets Out of A Cannon

Cannon Cadets is one of those physics games that will have you rocketing your way through its visually stunning and equally challenging levels as you fight to free fellow cadets, all in the name of fun.

“Cannon Cadets is all about fun. The characters are fun, the music is fun and the game, is really, a lot of fun,”

said Ray Sharma, Founder, XMG Studio.

“We loved the genre of game where you fling projectiles at a structure and try to collapse it. We combined that fun gameplay mechanic with our unique story and added our own twist of chain reactions and moving targets and we think gamers are going to really enjoy playing Cannon Cadets.”

Game info:
As Cannon Cadets hero Rocketboy, you will battle the evil lab monkey Gordo by launching yourself and your team of cadets through crazy structures at his evil robot army . Determined to rid the galaxy of fun, they have locked up your fellow cadets and it is your duty to release them from the clutches of their robot guardians.
Saving your fellow cadets won’t be as simple launching yourself into the robot stronghold. You must strategically project yourself into structures ranging from simple to complex constructions that include rolls, slides and hinges. Each new level is sure to provide challenges to children and adults alike as you fight to destroy the robots and release your friends.
Features of Cannon Cadets include:
– 80 beautifully illustrated mind twisting levels on four unique planets
– 4 playable characters (RocketBoy, RocketGirl, Pop, and Granati)
– Hidden Bonus Levels
– Amazing game physics including hinged and moving objects, as well as complex chain reaction style challenges