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It's Still Not Lupus

You might think, what’s the point of releasing a game with just one case, and why does it cost 800 DSi Points?! Well, it kind of answers itself, since it costs DSi Points means that it’s a DSiWare title, but as for why it costs 800 DSiP, I’m not sure as it seems a little over-priced for what is probably just a one-time playthrough game.
Legacy Interactive and Glyphic Entertainment have announced the second episode in a series of five called House M.D. – Blue Meanie in which Dr House has to figure out what is wrong with a chef that has quite a bad attitude who has turned all Smurf-like and overdone it with the food colouring by turning completely blue.

It won’t be qute as simple as diagnosing and giving treatment, if you’ve ever watched the television program, it never is, so you’ll have to play through challenging mini-games and lab tests which will unveil clues as to how you can treat and cure the patient.

HouseMDBlueMeanie01.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie02.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie03.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie04.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie05.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie06.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie07.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie08.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie09.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie10.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie11.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie12.jpg HouseMDBlueMeanie13.jpg