The French Go Post-It Crazy

iPost-ItThere’s a new craze, or at least new-ish where office workers use different coloured post-it notes to create images, mostly on windows so that people that look up or walk past can see them. It seems to be mostly just in Paris at the moment, but I’m sure others will jump on the bandwagon in an effort to show they’re just as cool and creative.
I’d be a little more worried about the lack of work going on in these offices, unless they were done in the workers own lunchtime which is their own time to waste. So, who started all this? You can thank Ubisoft for originating the trend which has now spread across Paris and apparently, they have so much time on their hands that they managed to create on covering three floors, using over 3000 post-its and needed a computer to work out the design.
Source: The Guardian.