BASE Your Snowboarding Skills On This

X2 Games is bringing X2 Snowboarding BASE to an iPhone and iPod Touch near you where the BASE version features the same slope-shredding, console-quality action of its stable mates in a bite-sized form, with in-game downloads to allow players a means to expand upon the free-to-play content as they see fit.
Des Gayle, producer, X2 Games comments:

“X2 Games is all about what the player wants, so we’re offering X2 Snowboarding’s high-quality gameplay in a new form, which lets them tailor content from the full version to their own wishes by buying what they want from the full version, when they want it.”

He continues;

“We’re making sure the free-to-play download is enough to get players hooked and compelled to complete the collection without locking away fun features like multiplayer or offering cut-down levels.”

More info:
When downloaded from the App Store, X2 Snowboarding BASE includes two tracks, two characters and two board designs from the full version and supports multiplayer over Bluetooth and WiFi. In-game purchases, each priced at 59 UK pence, 0.79 Euros or 99 US cents respectively and available from the in-game shop, unlock four additional packs that include a course, a character and two snowboards apiece.
It’s available now on the App Store.