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Grab Wizard's Castle HD for Free

If you’re looking for something to play on your iPad this weekend, Asgard Studios have announced that their Wizard’s Castle HD 1.1 is free, not too sure if it’s just US only, if it is, then I apologize, but it does appear to be worldwide.

“We wanted to celebrate the Labor Day holiday with a free weekend,” said Randy Herring.

It normally only costs 99 cents anyway, but you can take advantage of it being a US holiday and get it for free!

The goal of the game is to prevent the room from filling up with balls during each three minute round. Players match and remove balls by touching groups of two or more balls of the same color. While manageable at the lowest levels, the game quickly presents a difficult challenge to both hand-eye coordination and finding a winning strategy.
Completing a level unlocks the next. Wizard’s Castle HD features 10 levels of play and Game Center leaderboards and achievements. Version 1.1 provided enhanced performance, reduced memory size and improved graphics. In addition to locating groups of still and moving balls of the same color and preventing the room from becoming completely filled, in some levels magic gems also drop from the ceiling.

Magic Gems:

  • Gems with arrows make the magic walls move closer together so the room becomes smaller, or they move the magic walls back so the room is back to normal
  • Gems with coins cause the player’s score to go up 10,000 points or down 1,000 points
  • Gems with lightening bolts remove all of the magic balls that are the same color as the magic gem
  • Gems with floating balls cause many extra balls to drop from the ceiling
  • Gems with flames are bombs that destroy many nearby magic balls
  • Gems with a stone pattern cause stone balls to drop from the ceiling, which can only be removed by the bomb magic gems
  • Gems with the infinity symbol slow down time and make the magic balls drop very slowly from the ceiling

Wizard’s Castle HD is highly re-playable because the colored magic balls always fall differently. Players may earn up to three stars for each level depending on their score, and may replay any level to reach the maximum of three stars. Current Score, High Score, Level, and Time Remaining are continuously displayed at the top of the landscape mode screen. Wizard’s Castle HD for the iPad 2 was recently featured on the Daily App Show – Everything Edition and Apple’s iTunes App Store New and Noteworthy Strategy Games section for iPad in the US and Australia. Asgard Studios’ other game, Wizard’s Castle for iPhone 4 was also featured on the Daily App Show and in Apple’s iTunes App Store What’s Hot for Strategy Games in the US.
Feature Highlights:

  • Extremely challenging but simple game for players of all ages
  • Use up to 10 fingers to touch groups of identically colored magic balls
  • Touching groups of two or more balls of the same color removes them
  • Prevent the room from filling up with magic balls for a full three minutes to move to the next level
  • Magic gems also may fall from the ceiling
  • Magic gems can have extraordinary powers that may help or harm players
  • Every game is different, as balls fall in a random way from the ceiling
  • Requires iPad 2’s dual core, 1 GHz, A5 processor for its advanced physics engine

See for all the details.