A Real Pipboy 3000

Listen up chiiillllldren, news just in of a great new addition to the real world that could bring the whole post alpocalytic fantasy that little bit closer as YouTube user MyMagicPudding has created what appears to be an actual Pipboy 3000.
Now, it obviously doesn’t work like the Pipboy you run around the wasteland with or provide you with actual information about your physical well-being or how much radiation is pulsing through your veins to recommend a dose of RadAway to lower the level of poisoning, but the video shows that you can navigate through the menus using knobs and scroller on the unit.

That’s all for now, chiiillllldren, this is MGaceman saying don’t pull out with your weapon half-cocked, it could get messy…

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One Thought to “A Real Pipboy 3000”

  1. Dan

    Virtual reality fallout of the future

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