Super Meat Boy Xbox Controller

I’m afraid it isn’t an official pad and chances of there ever being an official Xbox 360 Super Meat Boy controller is rather slim due to Team Meat not having the best of experiences when getting Super Meat Boy onto the Xbox Live Arcade.

You may have heard about Team Meat having quite an awful experience with Microsoft during the process of getting Super Meat Boy onto their Xbox Live service and from what I’ve heard and read, I don’t blame them if they don’t want to work with them ever again, so hey developers that have had a smooth ride, just because it was easy for you doesn’t mean it was for everyone else, but that’s another story…
Someone was so much of a fan of Super Meat Boy, that they painted this controller and a friend uploaded it for the Reddit audience to see:
Super Meat Boy X360 Controller
If you want your own, you’ll have to look for a guide online somewhere!