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Godus Reaches 1.3.1 Beta

Followers of @MGaceman on Twitter will be aware of any Godus antics due to the yays and nays contained in tweets. 22Cans has updated the recently launched 1.3 beta to 1.3.1 to address some issues gamers were having.

RPS Interview: Peter Molyneux

If you haven’t already read it, Peter  Molyneux was interviewed by Rock, Paper, Shotgun about Curiosity, his Kickstarter, GODUS and all things developing. Interview: Peter Molyneux On Curiosity’s Failings, GODUS | Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Molyneux's 'Last Game' Revealed

Spong.com have put up a piece about a game I was rather addicted to (when I could get it to work), Peter Molyneux and his company, 22Cans are going to ‘reimagine’ the classic Populous. Click the link for the whole article. Molyneux’s ‘Last Game’ Revealed: Populous Reinvention GODUS Hits Kickstarter – News.