Godus Reaches 1.3.1 Beta

Followers of @MGaceman on Twitter will be aware of any Godus antics due to the yays and nays contained in tweets. 22Cans has updated the recently launched 1.3 beta to 1.3.1 to address some issues gamers were having.

Godus logoOne of the main problems was a sunken shrine. One of the main features of the 1.3 update was that three new shrines were added, so gamers could expand and spread their Godly influence further. It added more problems by one of the shrines being buried under water, another shrine with a chest embedded in it and some chests not giving cards.

Godus 1.3.1 update and known issues:


  • Farmers will now recognise a field and Abode as their own
  • Crash fix for game hanging on Mac on start-up
  • Chests will always reward cards
  • Fixed a crash caused by loading the game while a storm was occurring
  • Damaged Abodes will not have a Belief bubble
  • Fixed Advanced cards disappearing from Scrapbook
  • Settlement vision radius increased for Followers to see available jobs
  • Land Expansion Shrines are now repairable at sea level
  • Roads no longer go through farms
  • Scrapbook content page will update your era progress
  • Fixed repeating notification sound when you complete 20/20 of the Mount of the Gods

1.3.1 Known Issues

  • Windows version will sometimes crash with s3e_debug_simulator error
  • Sometimes the Mac version will load with texture errors
  • Sometimes the Mac version will hardlock after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Looks like there are two cards spinning over Land Expansion Shrines
  • Land expansion shrine has no scaffolding
  • Difficult to see if Farms are selected to be moved with  Town Planning
  • Lens flare from beams remains on Shrines
  • Special Followers will sometimes play female Follower sprog sound FX
  • Named Followers are randomly assigned a gender
  • Some VFX are not affected by nighttime
  • GODUS icon is low resolution
  • The final paragraph in the scrapbook does not fade in
  • Cannot quit game when cards are on-screen
  • Wheat is static in the wind
  • Roads to farms do not always appear
  • Statue of Speed FX can appear overblown
  • Sometimes there is an audio bug when returning to Homeworld mid-Multiplayer battle
  • Info bubble for a Settlement will sometimes not appear if the info bubble is already open on another Settlement
  • Sometimes the Wheat icon will be transparent in the Settlement info bubble
  • Champions drown with too much of their body out of the swamp
  • Followers are not distracted by sculpting when returning home
  • If Followers are very far from the Totem, they could get stuck while navigating
  • The system mouse cursor will appear along with the GODUS cursor at the top of the screen
  • Quitting from Multiplayer will give the other player rewards

If you have any other problems, visit 22cans Support and search for whatever issue you’re having.

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