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Angry Birds Get the LEGO Treatment

It’s a known fact you can make anything out of LEGO if you have enough bricks, so it’s no surprise that the Angry Birds have been given the brick treatment by a certain Tony Sava.

Some Real Angry Birds

I’m not talking about women who have been given a hard time, I mean those little round things that you shoot from a catapult on whichever platform you choose to play the immensely popular game from Rovio on.

Minecraft Cake is… Not a Lie

It seems to have become quite a trend, Angry Birds seemed to get the first bout of attention from cake makers with pieces ranging from a picture on top of a sponge to cakes of the characters, right up to a whole level, but this is the first Minecraft cake I’ve seen, so just how far will people go with this? Minecraft is pretty easy to make cakes out of, the squareness of the game makes it easy to just bake blocks of cake, cut up how you want to and colour it with icing, but the nice added touch to this cake is that they’ve even added a Minecraft man who gives it a little more authenticity.

Angry Birds Flock To Amazon

If you haven’t played Angry Birds yet, where have you been? Call yourself a gamer? It’s on everything except the Xbox 360 and has been the number one paid app pretty much all over the world, but now it’s time for the next step in Rovio‘s global domination, Angry Birds Rio. “The Android platform has seen phenomenal growth, and it’s great that new avenues for app distribution are opening up,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “The openness of the Android platform works for the benefit of consumers and developers alike. It has been delightful to team up with Amazon to bring the Angry Birds franchise to this great new application marketplace.”

Birds Get Angry in Rio

Who’d have thunk it?! One of the most popular mobile games of all time is to hit the big screen thanks to 20th Century Fox. “Angry Birds Rio is a match made in heaven for a mobile application and a major motion picture, and this collaboration with Fox is definitely one the most exciting partnerships we have entered into with the Angry Birds brand to date,” said Mr. Hed.  “In addition to expanding the horizons of two fantastic entertainment brands and creating a great new gaming experience, we have also taken the concept of combining a mobile application and motion picture promotion to an entirely new level.”

Angry Birds Put On a Mac

The Mac App Store has launched and already over a million downloads have been transferred, but how many of those were Angry Birds? “Angry Birds is a perfect match for the Mac App Store,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “The Mac version of Angry Birds sets a new standard for casual gaming on the Mac, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to make it available on the first day of launch.”