Minecraft Cake is… Not a Lie

It seems to have become quite a trend, Angry Birds seemed to get the first bout of attention from cake makers with pieces ranging from a picture on top of a sponge to cakes of the characters, right up to a whole level, but this is the first Minecraft cake I’ve seen, so just how far will people go with this?
Minecraft is pretty easy to make cakes out of, the squareness of the game makes it easy to just bake blocks of cake, cut up how you want to and colour it with icing, but the nice added touch to this cake is that they’ve even added a Minecraft man who gives it a little more authenticity.

Minecraft Cake by bicyclegasoline
Note from the artist:
The Birthday cake I made for my husband.
The chocolate cake recipe itself is from Junior Masterchef Australia. It’s moist, but holds together well: [link]
“Anyway, this cake is great. It’s so delicious and moist.”
Just buttercream icing for decoration, coloured with Sugarflair’s Navy and Melon pastes.
The soil is pressed onto the sides – crushed chocolate digestive biscuits and cake crumbs.
Behind the dude are materials to be collected after he’s destroyed the blocks.
Stability helped with cocktail sticks and paperclips!
The Minecraft dude is courtesy of the Papercraft Museum: [link]
And of course, you can check Minecraft out here: [link]
So there you go, you have the links to have a go at making your own!