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Fallout 4 Officially Announced

One of the most exciting things to happen to a gamer is when they have a favourite franchise and a new game is announced in that franchise. While it may not have been the best of reveals, I was extremely happy that Fallout 4 is finally happening.

First Look at Craglorn in ESO

Elder Scrolls ~Online subscribers can look forward to a new adventure zone later this month called Craglorn. Not for the average player though, the new storyline features four-player quests and even twleve-player trials, check out the video.

Skyrim Gets Killcams

A beta version of the Skyrim 1.5 update patch can be downloaded on Steam for PC gamers while, as usual, console gamers have to wait and the main feature of the update seems to be killcams, especially for ranged kills with things like bows and even magic.

Zenimax License 'Scrolls' to Mojang

The official word about the whole Notch/Mojang/Bethesda/Scrolls debacle has now been officially announced by Zenimax Media, the head honchos over Bethesda and therefore, where all the legal process happened.

Skyrim Wins GDC

It was almost inevitable that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, would take the coveted Game of the Year award, but elsewhere in the ceremony, the evening’s multiple award winners were Valve Corporation’s cunning, wittily written puzzle adventure Portal 2, which received three awards, for Best Game Design, Narrative and Audio.