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Send Pygmies To Uranus

The dead have risen and it is your job to spread the zombie plague across the Solar System! That is, if you’re a vengeful god. Bolt Creative, a San Francisco-based developer of original mobile applications and games, has launched a new update for Pocket God: Journey to Uranus – Episode V: Planet of the Living Dead. Consistently ranked as one of the most downloaded iOS games, this latest brain-eating update is now available for immediate download on the App Store.

Is That Uranus In Your Pocket?

Pocket God is one of the best selling titles on iTunes and now Bolt Creative have announced that it’s ready to hit the big screen and take a Journey To Uranus on the iPad.

Pocket God App Goes Ape

THREE MILLION! That’s the number of downloads that Pocket God has passed on the App Store which makes it one of the best-selling apps of all time. “We can’t thank the fans enough for all their support, enthusiasm, fan sites, YouTube videos, suggestions for content, and everything else,” said Bolt Creative CEO Dave Castelnuovo. “Since day one we’ve embraced our community and we’re ecstatic to see that feeling reciprocated. We’ll continue to push Pocket God into new realms and keep giving the legions of PG fans out there more tools to become great deities. Deities great at offing the little islanders that is!”