Is That Uranus In Your Pocket?

Pocket God is one of the best selling titles on iTunes and now Bolt Creative have announced that it’s ready to hit the big screen and take a Journey To Uranus on the iPad.

Pocket God

“We wanted to do something different for iPad, not just a HD only revamp of our original title, so we built it from scratch with the notion in mind that fans of our original game, who also have an iPad, could enjoy an entirely brand new experience,” said Dave Castelnuovo, CEO of Bolt Creative.

“The planets have been rendered in a mix of 2D and 3D and the animation is all hi-def, plus there’s just so much more space to torture and kill Pygmies—without a doubt we’re pleased to have Pocket God on the iPad and look forward to seeing sadistic grins appear on our fan’s faces worldwide.”
It’s not just a port either, it’s being developed from scratch and featuring all new minigames where you can play something that resembles the classic Tempest 2000 known as A-Hole In Time and you play each minigame by guiding Pygmies around space to different planets, sounds a bit like some weird acid trip…
SO ANYWAY… need more info? Search on the App Store and visit