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inFamous: Second Son's Second Week Lead

inFamous: Second Son has made it to a second week at the top of the charts with only one new entry which is a bit of a surprise since it’s an expansion. Nothing of significance was released, so for an expansion to reach halfway, it shows things are still quiet.

Charts Get inFamous New Leader

It was a bit of a battle in the charts this week (well, last week) with more big titles being released. As we progress into the year, the charts start to look more interesting with games like Titanfall and a new Metal Gear Solid title.

Titans Take On Dark Souls

The big games are starting to appear and that’s when the charts start to get interesting. The big guns start with Titanfall, Microsoft’s much hyped first-person robot fighter and Dark Souls II as the main contenders to the throne, but who wins?

LEGO Movie Wins Again

The LEGO Movie Videogame has actually made it to a second week at the top of the charts, which is a little surprising since FIFA 14 is still sniffing around in second place and a shock new entry lands at number nine.

The LEGO Movie Videogame Tops Chart

The LEGO Movie has not only topped the movie chart, but it’s also top of the videogame chart this week with Lightning Returns entering in third place, Call of Duty: Ghosts refuses to move from second though.

Fable Kicked Back By FIFA

Fable: Anniversary was the only notable release last week, but it didn’t gain enough interest to stop FIFA 14 re-taking the top spot and Call of Duty: Ghosts making itself nice and comfortable in second.

A Definitive New Chart Leader

It may only be for one week, but for this one week Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition holds the title of chart champion after knocking FIFA 14 down to second place, still the same old other games in the top ten though.

FIFA 14 Does It Again

FIFA 14 has become an unstoppable machine, week after week it’s the number one selling game, but when you think about it, what else has been released in the last few months which isn’t part of the top ten? Not many, so get ready for the same games as last week.

FIFA Scores Another Win

FIFA 14 still holds the top of the chart, there isn’t anything else to say. Aliens: Colonial Marines re-entered at number ten for some reason, probably a stocking filler for kids who had a new console for Christmas.

FIFA Kicks Off New Year

Not only was FIFA 14 the chart topper for Christmas, it also brought the year in by being the leader of the last chart of 2013. Call of Duty Ghosts had to accept defeat and Battlefield 4 didn’t even make the top three by residing in fourth.