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Runes of Magic Trims Down

Full clients of MMORPG‘s can be rather large, 10 GB wouldn’t be an surprising sized download before you even get to play the game, that’s why Frogster have released a ‘slim’ version of the Runes of Magic client, bringing it down to 3.5 GB. That means you only have to download about half of what you would’ve needed to before, how is it possible? Compression of pretty much everything that can be squished as small as possible like some of the detail in the graphical textures and sound files, but everything which is in the full client will still be there. Another bonus to the slim client is the use of lower resources which should help improve the performance of your system, nice if you don’t quite have a beefy spec computer.

Runes of Magic Level Cap Raised With New Content

Runes of Magic has had an update which brings a new zone with new quest lines and the option to make new friends through the new relationship system. Info overload: Beginners will all enjoy the company of a very special virtual pet and the update also includes a rebalance of a large number of skills in the game. Over 100 quests will lead players through the new region of the Northern Janost Forest. Players will continue to explore the story of the third chapter of Runes of Magic by helping the Angrens defend their land against degenerated elves. If adventurers accept the challenge, they are able to reach the new level cap of 60, the final limit raise linked to Chapter III.

Runes of Magic Has Fashion Show

A unique fashion show which Frogster is staging as part of the general GamesCom program of events on the main stage in Hall 8 will bridge the gap between the virtual world of Runes of Magic and reality. As part of a catwalk presentation featuring runway models the publisher will exhibit a one-off fashion collection for the first time worldwide on Friday 20th August from 16:00 until 17:30 and Saturday, 21st August from 15:00 until 16:00. Based on the motto ‘Gaming goes fashion’, the Berlin-based design studio, “Textilzelle”, will present interpretations of seven different character classes from the virtual world of Runes of Magic that they have transformed into an extraordinary fashion collection.