Runes of Magic Trims Down

Picture of Runes used in Fortune Telling
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Full clients of MMORPG‘s can be rather large, 10 GB wouldn’t be an surprising sized download before you even get to play the game, that’s why Frogster have released a ‘slim’ version of the Runes of Magic client, bringing it down to 3.5 GB.
That means you only have to download about half of what you would’ve needed to before, how is it possible? Compression of pretty much everything that can be squished as small as possible like some of the detail in the graphical textures and sound files, but everything which is in the full client will still be there.
Another bonus to the slim client is the use of lower resources which should help improve the performance of your system, nice if you don’t quite have a beefy spec computer.


  • Dual class system with eight classes and unique elite skills
  • Individual furnishing of player housing and guild castles
  • Gripping player-versus-player duels in arenas and on the battlefield
  • Guilds can set themselves against each other in formidable guild wars
  • In-depth story experienced through above 2,800 quests laced with epic quest-lines
  • Easy travel using portals and a wide range of mounts
  • Challenging boss-combat in dangerous and extensive dungeons with up to 36 players
  • Dual difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons
  • Entertaining mini-games for single players and guilds alike
  • Dynamic crafting and customization of items
  • Versatile role play elements including a marriage system
  • Regular comprehensive free updates with new game content

To download the full or slim client, take a look on the official website.