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The Good Life Still Not Greenlit

The Good Life is still yet to be passed through the Greenlight process, so to help with that, Iceberg Interactive has announced some new features have been added in a bid to gain more votes.

Greenlight Passes Another 50 Titles

For some, it’s a very long wait before they even make it to the top 100, others already have a fanbase and can reach the top 20 in a few months, but now the wait is over for another 50 successful applicants in Steam’s Greenlight process.

50 More Games Greenlit

A lot of rejoicing is probably going on right now by the developers of fifty games which have just been Greenlit on Steam, included in those are Richard & Alice, Drox Operative and Predestination.

100 Titles Launch on Greenlight

The Greenlight process is forever ongoing, titles are submitted for Steam users to vote on and then the waiting game takes place, but for some, their time has come to celebrate being in the latest batch of titles to make it.