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Guild Wars 2 Discovers Lost Shores

Avid adventurers will be able to take part in a Guild Wars 2 event this weekend in which they can also invite up to three friends who can take part in a refer-a-friend trial period starting from today, so that they can download the client in time for the event.

Guild Wars 2 Defeats Charts

In another week where games are slowly dribbling out, it comes to no surprise that Guild Wars 2, a PC-only title, should make it to the top of the charts and knock Sleeping Dogs out of the way, even if it is just for this week.

Next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Announced

What are you doing on the weekend of June 8th – 10th? From Friday June 8th 5am until 16:59 on Saturday, June 10th, you could be taking part in the next Guild Wars 2 beta. The lead producer, Chris Whiteside has also provided some good news.

Guild Wars 2 Pre-Orders Available

If you haven’t already pre-ordered Guild Wars 2, today is the day it becomes available for you to get your order in with one of the three versions, standard digital edition, digital deluxe or collector’s edition which is obviously the more costly.