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Butter Your Bread for The Baconing

Indie Games developer Hothead Games today released some exciting character details and screenshots from the anticipated summer title that fans have been salivating over, The Baconing. In The Baconing, the endearingly egotistical DeathSpank faces an assortment of terrifying new enemies.  Fortunately for the intrepid hero, he finds help in the Forest of Tomorrow, from an unlikely group of adventuring scientists: The Nuclear Family.

Slay Zombies with a Bunny

Hothead games just get better and now they’re breaking into the iPhone market with a tower defense style game in which you play as a midly deranged bunny, defending and protecting children from oncoming zombies. “At Hothead, we strive to produce the most innovative, fun games possible with a unique twist and I’m happy to say Bunny the Zombie Slayer follows that mold”, said Hothead Producer Joel DeYoung.


The idea of Swarm is quite simple, get 50 Swarmites from one end of the level to the other, at least, that’s what you’re supposed to do. What you will probably and most likely find yourself doing, is running around like a nutter wondering what you have to do because you’re trying to remember the controls and what they do, or is that just me?

Beware of the Golden Swarm

Swarm has gone Gold and is ready for release on the Xbox Live Arcade on the 23rd of March for 1200 MS Points with the PlayStation Network having to wait a week later on the 30th where it will cost your £9.99/€12.99. “Hothead’s passion for creating games that are both approachable and dangerously addictive is unrivaled,” said Nigel Fox, Head of Publishing for UTV Ignition. “We can’t wait to see how much players will enjoy all the content we’ve managed to pack into a downloadable title, and we’re confident this will be the best death-enhanced platformer players will get their hands on in a long time.”